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Toronto eyes traffic round abouts:

 In the past round abouts were design to slow down invading British troops in Washington, Boston and other early American cities.

 Today the City of Toronto is looking at them as a way to speed up traffic and prevent traffic accidents.
Going around in circles has its benefits.
Some examples:
Saves money: There are no maintenance and power costs when compared with traffic signals.
Cuts delays: By slowing at a roundabout, rather than stopping and waiting for a green light, delays are reduced.
More capacity: Roundabouts can handle more vehicles making left turns.
Calming effect: To negotiate a roundabout, drivers must slow. With a traffic signal, vehicles may not slow down during the green phase.
Environmental: With fewer vehicles idling in place, fuel consumption and air pollution are lowered.
Looks better: The central island provides an opportunity to landscape.
Councillor Case Ootes,  (Toronto-Danforth) has tabled a motion for this week's city council meeting asking transportation officials to report by January on the potential benefits and suggest ways to pick candidates for conversion.
Once people became familiar with them, they may prove to be safer, He believes that you wouldn't have the T-bone collisions that result in greater injuries.
Traffic circles should be considered as an alternative whenever new traffic lights are being considered at intersections.
He stated that the city should look and other more efficient way of moving traffic and a more environmentally sound and safer solution rather than just installing more traffic lights.
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