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Introducing MedsCheck: A healthy dose of information
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Managing multiple medications is no easy task. With all the different instructions and potential side effects it’s hard to know if the medications you take on a daily basis are working as well as they should. Now there’s a better way to make sure you’re getting the most from your meds. The MedsCheck appointment is your chance to discuss how your prescription, over-the-counter and alternative medications may be affecting each other.
MedsCheck FAQs

What is MedsCheck?

MedsCheck is a new, one-on-one 30 minute appointment with your pharmacist to review your medications and help you better understand their medication therapy and ensure that medications are taken as prescribed.

Who developed MedsCheck?

MedsCheck, a medication management program, was developed by the ministry in collaboration with the Ontario Pharmacy Association and the Ontario Pharmacy Council.

Who is eligible for MedsCheck?

All Ontarians 18+ who are taking three or more prescription medications are eligible. You must bring your OHIP (health card) with you.

I am responsible for taking care of my (parent) and give them their daily medication – am I eligible to meet with the pharmacist to have a MedsCheck?

A caregiver may meet with a patient's pharmacist for a MedsCheck medication review. However, the patient must be present and acknowledge their consent for the pharmacist to conduct the review with the caregiver. If the patient cannot be present for the review, the patient is not eligible. In all situations, the interview must be conducted in person (face-to-face).

Why is having a MedsCheck important?

MedsCheck will ensure Ontarians adhere to their drug therapy to avoid adverse drug reactions.

What do you mean by adverse drug reactions?

Some over-the-counter medications can interfere with certain health conditions and adversely affect some prescription medications. Decongestants, for example, are often taken to relieve cold symptoms, but can have the effect of raising blood pressure.

How often can I have a MedsCheck?

You can have a MedsCheck appointment once a year.

When can I have a second MedsCheck appointment?

One year from the date of your first MedsCheck appointment.

How do I get a MedsCheck appointment?

Just set up an appointment with your local pharmacist.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring all the medications you are taking, including non-prescription drugs and your OHIP (health card)

How much does a MedsCheck appointment cost?

You need to bring all the medications you are taking, including non-prescription drugs and your OHIP (health card).

Does the government fund MedsCheck?

The government will pay the pharmacist $50.00 for each medication management consultation. Each pharmacy will also receive a one-time payment of $1,000 from the ministry to cover the cost of administrating the program.

When was MedsCheck launched?
MedsCheck was initially launched April 1, 2007 for who patients who were beneficiaries of the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. In July 2007 the program was expanded to include all Ontarians 18+ who take three or more prescription medications.
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