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Cell Phones for Food Program:

The average Canadian changes their cell phone every 18 months. Rather than throwing away your old cell phone why not turn it in to food for a food bank.
The mission of the thINK FOOD / Phones-for-Food project is to alleviate hunger and divert waste from landfill sites by raising funds for local food banks through the process of recycling used printer cartridges and cell phones.
1. Deactivate your phone service.
2. Turn off the phone, and leave the battery attached.
3. Put the phone(s) in any type of box, bag or envelope.
4. Print pre-paid mailing label below and affix it to the box/envelope.
Make sure any previous delivery address and bar codes are covered.
5. Place the box/envelope in the mail.
If you have more than one box to send in, please call 1-888-271-3641.
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