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July 18 2008

2007 Fire Season
2007 FireSeason

In the News

Poll of the Week

STRONG indorsed a Forest Charter


Al Simard, STRONG president stated, "It is time the government stops favoring corporations over community sustainability. Not only have we endorsed the Forest Charter, we will work together with NOSCP to promote it".   more info ...>

Communities and workers in Northern Ontario are being stripped of their right to make a living from the natural resources they have depended on for the last hundred years or more. Government policies are allowing corporations to pull the rug from under our feet without even giving us a chance to catch our breath.  more info ...>

Paper Assoc. concerned about Ont. Gov.

Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA), has written Hon. Gerry Phillips, Minister of Government Services stating that the OFIA does not oppose forest certification under the Forest Stewardship Council. But, do not support is a government policy that appears to arbitrarily favour one acceptable business standard over another.

Family returns to Park for prayer vigil:
Thunder Bay Rainbow Falls Provinical Park

Christina Calayca
On Monday the 6th of August 2007 Christina Calayca, a resident of the Toronto area, was camping with friends at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park located near Schreiber Ontario. At approximately 6:30 am Calayca indicated to a friend that she was going jogging and was last observed on a park campground roadway.
About 20 members of Christina Calayca‘s family, will hold a pray vigil at Rain Bow Falls Provincial Park begining at 3 p.m. Saturday September 8th,. Karen Caguicla, Calayca‘s aunt and godmother, is reported as saying “We are trying to be positive, but we believe something happened to her,” Caguicla said.
“Christina is just too smart to get lost.” They also wish to meet all those who assisted the family and help in the search so that they can thank them.
OPP called of the search August 23rd. .

Developmental Tourism Concepts
Thunder Bay & Lake Superior Communities

By James R. Stevens M.A.

Approaches to Effective Economic Tourism Development
The incredible down sizing of the Pulp and Paper Industry across the Northwest of Ontario from 2005 to 2007 and the resulting loss of employment—in the thousands—has resulted in an inevitable outward migration of families, companies and individuals to vibrant economic areas elsewhere in Canada for jobs. In the face of this shocking turn of events some cities, municipalities and townships and their proactive citizens have begun to look at tourism possibilities in order to enhance this sector of their anemic economies.
For more information ....>

Dole Salad Recall
September 17, 2007

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to eat Dole brand Hearts Delight lettuce salad.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the ready-to-eat blend of romaine, green leaf and butter lettuce hearts may be contaminated with a strain of E. coli bacteria more info.....>

Toronto eyes traffic round abouts:

  In the past round abouts were design to slow down invading British troops in Washington, Boston and other early American cities.

 Today the City of Toronto is looking at them as a way to speed up traffic and prevent traffic accidents. more info,,,,>


Loonie rises above 99 cents
September 20th

Canadian Loonie

Thursday the loonie matched the US dollar and dropped back to 0.999051 USD 
 The loonie started the year at just under 86 cents U.S. but has surged on a combination of high commodity prices, especially record high crude, the weak greenback and a strong Canadian economy. more info ....>


Vote No to MPP

North Needs More Elected Members
Not Less

  On next October 10th, as part of the next Provincial election, Ontarians will be asked if they want to replace our current electoral system with a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) form of voting.

To achieve the single goal of proportionality, the proposed MMP system shifts power from the local voter in ridings across Ontario to the power brokers at Queens Park.

Bear encounter Double

Bear encounters in Ontario have more than doubled this year compared with the same period last year, thanks to hot, dry weather that's dealt a deadly blow to berry crops in the north, experts say.
As of last week, there were 7,911 "occurrences" – calls received about the animals that require a follow-up by officials – across the province this year. That's up from 3,742 at the same time in 2006.
Many in the north believe the cancellation of the spring bear hunt in 1999 is one reason for the increase in nuisance bears, said Doug Reynolds of the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association
The bear hunting season opened on Aug. 15 and runs until Oct. 31.

Canadian Automobile Association
Worstroads Campaign
It wants consumers to report the worst roads as part of the association's annual "worst roads" campaign, which this year is being used to urge all provincial parties to pledge more gas tax dollars will go into road repair and maintenance.
"Municiplities are struggling with the cost of road and bridge repairs, and they're falling behind," said Kris Barnier, provincial affairs specialist with the CAA.
Northwestern Ontario is at a cross-road! It can continue to rely on the Provincial and Federal Governments to respond to legitimate requests from the region and hope that the answer is both timely and appropriate to the expressed needs. or, it can chart its own course by taking on those challenges and developing its own solution.
For the complete summary and a copy of the full report click here
The public is welcome to provide their opinion on the document by addressing them to Iain Angus
Veronis Suhler Stevenson and PQ Media released their study that tracks, analyzes, and forecasts spending, usage, and trends in all 19 segments and more than 100 sub-segments of the U.S. media industry. The study reveals media trends from last year as well as trends for the next four years. Find out what they are, plus hear from PQ Media’s Vice President of Research Leo Kivijarv, only on WebProNews.
Are you concerned about the safety of products made in China?


Hurricane Flag



Ontario Clean Air Foundation
Go Solar

The Clean Air Foundation is launching Go Solar,
a program to help Ontarians reach the McGuinty government's goal of 100,000
solar roofs. Go Solar provides people with the information they need to
install solar energy systems to heat water or generate electricity and
highlights new government incentives

Lyme disease confirmed

The first human case of Lyme disease – passed on by deer ticks – has hit the Thunder Bay district.
The first case of the disease was confirmed and reported to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit by the patient‘s doctor, health unit spokeswoman Laura Craig.

Northern cities bypassed by 'species at risk' hearings

Ontario government excludes Northern communities from 'species at risk' hearings
- "The Ontario government is intent on appearing to do the right thing for political gain when it comes to its "species at risk" act, but it clearly has not been listening to those who stand to lose the most from it."

That statement from the Ontario vice-president of Canada's largest forestry union, Cec Makowski.
For more information...>

It's official: Manitoba town gives plastic bags the boot
Will Toronto be next

It's been talked about for weeks and on Monday the northern Manitoba town of Leaf Rapids became the first municipality in Canada to ban plastic shopping bags.

The new bylaw prevents retailers from selling or distributing the single-use bags. Ignoring the ban could result in a $1,000-a-day fine. In anticipation, officials have been handing out cloth shopping bags to residents..

Toronto, works committee chair Glenn De Baeremaker said last week that he'd like to see the number of plastic bags in the city's landfill sites cut by 80 to 90 per cent. Ideally, he said, they shouldn't be manufactured in the first place.

"A lot of jurisdictions in the world, including places in Africa and India, already ban plastic bags," he said.
For more information ...>

Chemicals Pollute Ontario’s Political Leaders

September 7, 2007
Premier Dalton McGuinty, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton tested for toxic chemicals

Toronto, Ontario – Test results reveal that three Ontario political leaders are contaminated with pollutants found in the environment and in everyday products, according to a report released today by Environmental Defence. For the first time in Canada, Environmental Defence tested for bisphenol A (found in hard plastic bottles and tin can linings), a hormone disruptor that is under review by the federal government. more info...>

Surface temperatures on Lake Superior up 4.5 degrees since 1979

• Warmer winters mean less ice cover which means more warming
• Levels dropping as Superior loses water to winter evaporation

For more information....>

Ontario Air Quality

With summer, comes air Quality concerns, for us in the North we have fewer concerns, but for some people even a one or two point increase can cause concern.

Lake Superior is Changing

MARQUETTE, Mich. — As the research boat bobs up and down on grey, choppy Lake Superior, Michigan Tech University chemist Noel Urban and two students drop a metal cylinder over the side to retrieve a water sample from the bottom.

They are measuring carbon dioxide content — an unspectacular statistic by itself, yet an important piece of a highly complex puzzle.

“It helps us develop a model that can say what's going to happen as the lake warms up,” Mr. Urban says.

Plenty of people are wondering the same thing.
for more on Lake Superior Water Levels

Cell Phones for Food


Tourism Webcams around Lake Superior
Planing a trip around Lake Superior

Bag it back

Bag it back’ – a new deposit return program for recycling wine, beer and spirit containers – starts today. The program encourages Ontarians to return empty containers to The Beer Store for a refund, which means less waste going to landfill. By enhancing the Blue Box program’s effectiveness, deposit return will help increase Ontario’s waste diversion rate.

Starting February 5th, Ontario consumers will pay a deposit when they purchase beverage alcohol – including wine, spirits and beer. They can then return empty containers to The Beer Store for a full refund. The Beer Store already operates one of the most successful container return programs in the world. This program will help divert about 25,000 to 30,000 additional tonnes of glass from landfills – which is equivalent to about 80 million bottles. The new container return program will also free up space in Blue Boxes, giving municipal governments the opportunity to expand recycling programs.
For more information ...>>

For more information

Spring Fitness
Running is a fantastic workout that burns fat, strengthens the heart, helps prevent diseases such as stroke, breast cancer and osteoporosis, reduces stress and improves overall health. The race part just adds that extra motivation; and, even if you’ve never run before, completing a 10K race is a challenging yet attainable goal that any beginner can achieve, with only a few weeks of training.
Many communities across Canada organize these racing events during the spring, summer and fall--you can probably even find one that benefits your favourite charity. Pick an event that is at least 2 months away, follow’s eight-week training program and you’ll soon be crossing the finish line of your first 10K race. Try our get ready for summer running program


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